Finding the Positive in a trying situation.


I have recently been making a conscious effort to stop negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. So when we were traveling on vacation with a long driving day, the last thing we looked forward to was a long construction wait. 

I have really enjoyed focusing on my photography, as it allows me to enjoy almost any place because I am looking at the beauty and detail around me with a different perspective. This vacation was no exception.

As we were in the 40th minute of our wait on the highway, we did manage to move up a few feet. I happened to glance at my husband and noticed water moving. I looked closer and was thrilled when I saw a little waterfall. I grabbed my tripod, filters and camera and dashed across the highway. I had just enough time to get the filter on and grab this shot when I heard the cars starting up again. I waited for the oncoming traffic to abate and I got back in our vehicle.

Instead of being annoyed that we had this long wait, I was thrilled that we had this long wait and I could enjoy this beautiful scene every time I look at this photo. It reminds me that we often do make our own pain/discomfort by the way we perceive what is happening around us.

So, if you are stuck in traffic or are in a difficult situation, look around. See if you can find a different perspective. You may have an entirely different day filled with wonder and joy!