Happy New Year to you!

New Year’s Eve 2018

New Year’s Eve 2018

I am thinking about all the changes that have occurred over this past year as I ventured out on this new path of Professional Photographer. I also thought is would be fun to look at some of the numbers from the year. (I am a little nerdy like that).

So some of the numbers:

I put on approximately 4800 miles on my car.

In 2017 (pre-professional photographer) I had approx. 1750 shutter clicks. In 2018 (and this is a rather rough estimate) I had approx. 27K shutter clicks. I have to admit, I was a little surprised at the difference a year makes.

A few more numbers: 6 photography workshops, 2 image competitions, 3 merited photos, 1 OPPA “Best New Entrant” Award for 2018. It was such a year of learning new things and I admit, it has not always been easy and I have had my doubts as to the feasibility of this new career. However, perseverance is a great asset when trying something new and I am grateful for all the opportunities I have had to better my skills and the craft of making images that speak to me (and hopefully you as well).

I have met so many great people both in networking and as clients and I could not be happier for it! I am grateful to my fellow photographers who have taught me so much and were so helpful when I needed guidance.

So Thank YOU to all my clients from 2018 for trusting me with your photographic needs. And a big thank you to my friends and family for your support of me in this new career choice. I am looking forward to growing stronger as a person, a photographer and a business person in 2019.


Lara Janzen