The Blood Moon in Oregon

It is always a challenge to capture astrophotographic events in the winter in the Pacific Northwest due to cloud and rain.

I was optimistic and went out to shoot anyway. I drove to a nearby field and well - no moon but some well lit clouds. I decided to head on home and on a whim, set up the camera and tripod on my balcony - just in case there was a break in the clouds.

Well this little time-lapse is the result of said lucky night. There was still a lot of cloud and so I was not able to get a clear shot of the moon. Yes there is a lot of noise in the photos, however, I am thrilled I was able to actually catch the moon going red.

So here is to taking a chance, to go out and try something even if you are not sure it is going to work. Tonight was another life lesson for me. Keep trying, go out and do it even though doubt is lurking on the sidelines.

I am very grateful for the break in the clouds tonight!