Watching the love of dogs

I recently had the opportunity to photograph and observe the AKC Winter Cluster Dog Show this past weekend. It was so much fun to see all the varieties of dog breeds and to watch them in action. I was impressed with the dedication of the dog owners, breeder, & handlers at this event.

What struck me most, was the absolute look of love and adoration on the dog’s face. If you ever doubt unconditional love, go to a dog show! This picture is one of my favorites, as I do love the Aussies! (Australian Shepherd) I have a mini and now realize that I need to up my game of her grooming :)

If you were at the event and would like to know if I have a picture, please contact me. I took hundreds, if not, thousands of pictures.

The look of love from and Australian Shepherd

Working Dogs - Best in Show at AKC Winter Cluster Dog Show 2019 Puyallup WA