Sunrise and Cherry Blossoms

I really look forward to spring here in the Pacific Northwest. It seems to bring along with it, hope, renewal, and joy for me.

I admit I have been feeling a little stressed at times. I wonder if I am going to make it in this new venture of self-employment. I wonder if I am good enough and I wonder what other people do when they feel as I do. So I go out to to take photographs of nature and I feel so much better.

There are now studies coming out that have reported significant increase in brain activity when one goes outside in the green spaces. They have reported studies that show being outside improves mood and overall health. I don’t really need that study because it has always worked for me. But it is even more important that we make a conscious effort to protect our green spaces and outdoor parks.

So go outside and walk in a green area and see if it helps your mood and overall health. I wish you all wellness and happiness!