Taking Time To Talk

I just love going out for photography shoots, but especially when you can meet fellow photographers, share stories and get to know one another.  When you are shooting sunset/milky way/star trails, you are there for several hours, so there is plenty of time to chat and share. 

On this latest shoot, I met a guy named Rick. He has this great dog who is a ninja dog. We had fun looking at Rick and his bomb detecting dog in action.  After shooting the milky way, I wanted to try my hand at star trails. But I needed a foreground interest and Rick has this really cool bike… So he was kind enough to let me use his bike as my foreground interest and I tried to remember how I shot my last star trail photo (you really have to keep using the information or you do lose it ). 

So I set it up and well… I set my camera interval timer wrong. I found this out after everyone left. I really wanted this shot, so what to do?  Shoot the star trails again of course. 

Well-  being in the gorge, if you know the area, the wind picked up a lot. So I stopped the camera, parked my car in a place that acted as a wind break, found my emergency kit to act as a weight to add to my tripod’s stability and started all over again.  

This is the result of not only several tries with the camera, but also the result of having a face to face conversation with people (and their willingness to use their bike)!.

Thank you Rick - it was fun getting to know you and the Canadians (I forgot their names - Doh)